Vijay N. Seth, better known as Vins, is one of the pioneers to enter the international realm from India.

Vins, who graduated from the Sir J.J. School of Fine Arts, Mumbai in 1968, standing 7th in merit order in G.D. Art (drawing and painting), initially started off drawing political cartoons. But he soon diversified into thematic cartoons on science, computerization, business; social issues like deforestation, pollution, illiteracy; and international themes like the debt burden, related to the Third World.

His extensive travel in Europe and participation in exhibitions and international cartoon festivals, meeting and developing personal friendship with internationally renowned cartoonists and graphic artists influenced him greatly. His work shows a pronounced European influence, he having met all the top names in Europe, including French cartoonist Andre Francois, considered the father of modern cartooning.

Vins is the third Indian cartoonist to have his cartoons in the permanent collection of the International Cartoon Museum Karikatatur & Cartoon Museum Basel, in Switzerland. In 1990, he was the 5th prize winner at the FECO Edinburgh International Cartoon Festival, and in 1996, the first prize winner at the international cartoon competition organised by the Swiss Coalition of Development Organizations, Berne, Switzerland. In 1997, he was the fifth prize winner at the Taejon International Cartoon Contest organised by the Taejon International Cartoon Institute, Taejon City, Korea.
His cartoons have been displayed in Hungary, Belgium, France, Portugal and Israel.

Vins contributes for various publications such as Reader’s Digest and Indian Express (Business Publication Division) and various in-house magazines of the corporate sector, besides several foreign publications. He has contributed to Treffpunkt (Zurich, Switzerland), Nebelspalter (Swiss satirical weekly from Basel, Switzerland) and Epd – Entwicklungspolitik (Frankfurt, Germany).

He was also instrumental in introducing Indian cartoonists, especially from the vernacular press, to Epd -Eentwicklungspolitik. He is now president of the Indian chapter of the Federation of European Cartoonists’ Organisation.