Governor V.S.RamaDevi inaugurated the Indian Institute of Cartoonists on Friday.

The Institute was established in collaboration with the state information department with the aim of formulating a forum for all Indian Cartoonists. Speaking on the occasion, Ms.Rama Devi said, “We can see a cartoon and make out what it is about. A cartoonists keenly observes the salient features of character. Cartoonists have a message that they intend to bring out; the contribution of cartoonists in present day society is valuable. They give a truthful commentary of what is happening in society”.

T he Union Minister for culture and Minister for culture and tourism, Ananth Kumar and the State Information Minister Prof.B.K.Chandrashekar, were also present on the occasion. A cartoon exhibition was inaugurated by Ananth Kumar. Speaking to the gathering he said, “I am an avid lover of cartoons. I think they depict the situations in all hues and shades. This kind of public scrutiny is very much necessary for democracy”. He also supported the idea of setting up a gallery at the National gallery of Modern Arts at Manikyavelu in the city, He also requested the Karnataka Government to allot land to the IIC for constructing a building. He promised a grant of Rs.10lakhs to Rs.15 lakhs provided they get the land. “In the few lines cartoonists draw, there are genuine laudable emotions”, he added.

Prof. Chandrashekar also held a similar view, “A lines in a cartoon can tell an extraordinary story. It is the power of a cartoon which can bring a smile even on a depressed face”. He also said that the department of information will help the IIC is conducting a survey with the view of popularizing cartooning. There will be discussions and seminars on the future of cartooning with live demonstrations by leading cartoonists the exhibition will be open foe public viewing at Hotel Parag. Around seven cartoonists from allover India will be felicitated on Saturday by the Chief Minister SM Krishna.

The Asian Age – 9 th June 2001

As curtains came down on the cartoonists conference organized here by the newly – formed Indian Institute of Cartoonists, the Chief Minister, Mr. S.M. Krishna, on Saturday made it a point to end it on the positive note, he promised all help from the State Government for any venture undertaken by the institute. With some of the well know cartoonists sharing the podium, Mr. Krishna felt that a newspaper would look ahead without a cartoon Cartoonists just being there when things happen in society, helped preserve a sense of history, he said.

A among the cartoonists honored on the occasion were Mr. Mario De MIRANDA, Mr. C.J.Yesudasan, Mr.Bapu, Mr.S.D.Phandnis, Mr.Pran, Mr.S.K Nadig and Mr.Krishna on the spot.

The Hindu – 10th June 2001

Union Minister for Culture and Tourism Minister Ananth Kumar also assured gr

ants from the MPs fund for the construction of the Institute building in the city.

The minister said that cartoons were very much needed in a healthy democracy and politicians should also welcome then so that hey could correct their functioning.

Governor V S Rama Devi, who inaugurated the Indian Institute of Cartoonists in a novel way by drawing a simple cartoon said that nearly 90% of the cartoons carry a message for society. She termed the work of cartoonists as an intellectual exercise and said it called for a greeted degree pf observation and knowledge on current affairs.

Minister of State for Information B.K.Chandrashekar, who presided, said cartoons were a sensitized medium of Art. He exhorted the Institute to conduct a everyday life. Mr.B.V.Ramamurthy, President – Indian Institute of Cartoonists were also prersent.

Leading cartoonists – Mario de Miranda, Phadnis from Maharastra, Pran from New Delhi and S.K.Nadig from Karnataka were introduced to the Ministers.

Seven Cartoonists will be facclicitated by the Chief Minister S. M. Krishna. The Indian Institute for Cartoonists is established with an aim of promoting art in the country.

Deccan Herald – 9th June 2001
< back C M FELICITATES TOP CARTOONISTS Chief Minister S.M. Krishna today noted that cartoons on any subject provided an insight into the historical, contemporary and futuristic perspectives. Speaking after facilitating seven well known cartoonists of the at the function organized by the Indian Institute of Cartoonists here, Mr.Krishna said most of the cartoons also carry a message with them. Politicians are the prime material for cartoonists, he added. Describing Shankar Pillai as a pioneer of Indian cartoon concept, Mr.Krishna recalled that during his college days, he used to wait every week to see Shankar Pillai cartoons in the newspapers. No newspaper can be lively without cartoons. Cartoonists provide freshness to the news papers, he added. In response to the institute member's demand, Mr.Krishna assured the State government's support for their future programmes and added that meeting can be held in that regard. Cartoonists Mario de Miranda, Yasudasan, bapu, Phadnis, Pran, S K. Nadig and Gopulu were felicitated by Mr. Krishna on the occasion. However, well-known Cartoonist R K Laxam who was supposed to receive a lifetime achievement award could not attend function due to poor health. Mr. Krishna also launched the Institute's website – at the function. Institute President B.V. Ramamurthy presided over the function. Deccan Herald – 10th June 2001 < back CARTOONS CONVEY MORE THAN COLUMNS Chief Minister S M Krishnna on Saturday felicitated cartoonists from the Indian Institute of Cartoonists in Bangalore. Felicitating the cartoonists Mr. Krishna said “ Cartoonists act behind the scene like directors of movies. They convey much more than what a number of columns can” He remarked that politicians seem to be the catch of most cartoonists. He assured that they could approach the government for any kind of assistance, Mr. Krishna mentioned that as a child he used to adore cartoons of Shankar and that eagerly waited for Shankar's Weekly. Mario de Miranda, C.J Yesudasan, Bapu, S D Phadnis, Pran, S K Nadig and Gopulu were the cartoonists who were felicitated by Mr. Krishna. The cartoonists drew a caricature of the Chief Minister who graciously posed for them. An exhibition of works of cartoonists is being held at the Chitrakala Parishat till June 15. The Asian Age – 9th June2001 < back THIS IS NO LAUGHING MATTER! “ I love cartoons. I love sarcasm “ Strange, ironical, you might frown when you get to know that these big words were from a politician, Mr.Ananth Kumar, Union Minister of Culture and Tourism. The occasion was fitting, almost perfect for such remarks to fill the art: Inauguration of the Indian Institute of Cartoonists. For the Governor, Mr. V. S. Rama Devi, who launched the institute, a cartoon was something special, something more of medicine. She gave her verdict, ‘ A cartoon is a silver coated pill given to every politician”. O f course, rarely do the details pass the intense scrutiny of cartoonists eye and politicians are invariably subject to their sarcasm and humor. For the launch function, the members of the institute decided to change that norm and let the guests try their hand at cartooning. “Press scrutiny is most welcome”, that is Anabnth Kumar speak for you again. The ma in question believes criticism is a strict yes-yes in a democracy. A curve is said to be the cartoon of straight line but in case of politicians there is no trace of a straight line – that should be he statemen of the year. Cartooning that is an art which was introduced in India by the British, and has come a long way. Today, cartooning is an integral part of every newspaper. A cartoonists has to be alert and sensitive. “The greatest thing about a cartoon is that it inexorably brings a smile on your face”, feels Publicity, in the Krishna Cabinet. Perhaps, the time is just right for the bigwigs of the field, the cartoonists of name and fame to speak up, comment, make value judgments, “ Each days cartoon depends largely on the cartoonists state of mind and how his day has been”, says Mr.Mario Miranda, the Goan artists. Bangalore's own man, the stylish greyhound of cartoonists Poonappa had a word of caution, “ It (the institute) is good beginning” he was sure, “But we should see to it that not too much money is spent on it so that we can concentrate on art”. Nice things sometime come bity and in the end, “ The Ministry of Culture will accommodate the Institute in the National Gallery of Modern Art”, Mr. Ananth Kumar promised. The ministry, he continued in the same vein, was prepared to give the Institute a grant of Rs.15 lakhs if the State provided land. Cartoonists, who says, they only make you laugh! The Hindu – 9th June 2001 < back CARTOONS PORTRAY LAYMAN'S FEELING Cartoons bring freshness to a newspaper. Cartoonists are able to portray the feelings of the common man through their cartoons, said Chief Minister S.M.Krishna at a seminar on the future of cartooning. The Indian Institute of Cartoonists organized the seminar here on Saturday. Cartoonists have gained prime space in the media, said the Chief Minister, who offered all support to the organization. Recalling his childhood, Chief Minister S.M.Krishna spoke of hos he enjoyed the famous cartoon magazine ‘Shankar 's Weekly '. Renowned Goan cartoonists Mario De ,Miranda was felicitated by Krishna on the occasion along with six other cartoonists - Gopulu (Tamil Nadu), Phadnis (Maharastra), Pran (New Delhi ) and S K Nadig (Karanataka). Sunday Express (The New Indian Express)10th June - 2001