Garden City’s New Landmark

The Indian Cartoon Gallery, a first-of-its-kind initiative of the Indian Institute of Cartoonists (IIC), is the one and only space created in the country to exhibit these highly educative, creative, innovative, thoughtful and socially relevant works of art. Political and Social scenarios are best depicted through cartoons that tickle the funny bone and make readers think and act. Cartoons are one of the most popular sections of a newspaper and are as respected as the editorial itself.
The Indian Cartoon Gallery is a vast, tastefully designed and dedicated space (2,000 sq ft) in the heart of the IT city of India (Bengalooru). The gallery is wholly devoted to exhibit cartoons created by state, national and international caricaturists. Open on all working days except national holidays, the gallery has been promoted with the sole aim to promote and encourage the art of cartooning. The gallery is open to all members of public, students and professionals.

This gallery will serve as a space and provide opportunity to amateur and professional cartoonists to conduct exhibitions. The gallery will also serve as a place where one can learn/ enhance their knowledge of cartoons and cartoonists.

The Bengalooru Gallery — first of a nationwide series

The Bengalooru gallery is the first of a series of cartoon galleries the IIC plans to set up across the country. Ambitious plans have been drawn up to set up similar cartoon galleries in all major cities of the country including Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Delhi etc. All talented cartoonists will be provided space to exhibit their works in this gallery.

Other facilities

Along with the display space, the Institute offers several other facilities including a fully wired 75-seater Conference Hall, Library and office. These facilities have been created so that talks, interactions, workshops on cartoons and cartooning can be organized in one space and seminars lecture-demonstrations, slide/ film shows. Experts from across the country will be invited to conduct these events.

The library will stock a vast collection of resources both in the form of books, CD-ROMs, collections, writings etc. There will be books on cartoons, cartooning, collections of cartoons, and information regarding cartoonists from across the world. The library is primarily aimed to serve as a resource base for researchers, students, budding cartoonists and interested onlookers. One of the aims of the library will be to collect and preserve original and award winning works of leading cartoonists worldwide.


The task of putting together a knowledge resource such as this naturally requires support from people both in terms of finances and book donations. Since the space has already been created, we are looking for books and periodicals on the subject. We fervently appeal to all cartoon lovers to donate books, information and original cartoons that they might be in possession about the field of cartooning.
Help us create a dedicated cartoon library and this will help keep the art alive and serve as a education platform for young and budding cartoonists.

Membership drive

In a bid to create a corpus funding for the Indian Institute of Cartoonists, we have begun to offer membership to everybody who loves cartoons and who wishes to promote the art of cartooning. The initial offer for Life membership fee is only Rs.5,000 and this contribution will go a long way in promoting and supporting the art of cartooning for a long time in the future. We have pleasure to announce that the first member of the institute is Mrs. V.S. Rama Devi, former governor of Karnataka, who is an ardent fan of cartoons.