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Indian Institute of Cartoonists is an organization, first of its kind in India, established with the aim of promoting the art of cartooning in the country. The Institute, based in Bangalore, aims to recognize talents in the field of cartooning and reward them, showcase and preserve their art for future generations, guide young and budding cartoonists and above all, popularize the art among the masses.

Perhaps IIC is the only organization in the field of cartooning worldwide having so many activities under one umbrella.



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Events at the Gallery

Cartoon Workshop


10th & 11th May and 7th & 8th June 2014

The Indian Institute of Cartoonists is organising 2 two-day Foundation Cartoon Workshops on 10th & 11th May and 7th & 8th June 2014. Workshops are open to all interested in learning the art of cartooning. There is no age limit for the participants.

One can enroll their names in the list of participants by visiting cartoon gallery personally or by sending mail with the details of the candidate like name, address, contact numbers, age, education and occupation to the following email IDs.

Indian Cartoon Gallery,
No.1, Midford House,
Midford Garden,
Off M.G.Road,
Near Big Kids Kemp Bldg,
Trinity Circle, Bangalore-560001.

Phone: 080 41758540, 09980091428

Email IDs:

35 candidates will be selected for each workshops and lectures and demonstrations by senior cartoonists on different subjects are being arranged from 10 am to 5 pm on both the days. Food, snacks, coffee and materials will be provided by the Institute to the candidates at the time of workshop. Certificates will be given to all participants.

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"RUN UP TO THE ELECTIONS - 2014" An exhibition of Cartoons by B.Ranjan Somaiah

on 12th to 26th April 2014.

Exhibition Details

Result of Maya Kamath Memorial Awards Competition-2013

IIC is happy to announce the result of the Maya Kamath Memorial Awards Competition- 2013 organised recently. We had received 95 entries for the Awards for Excellence in Political Cartooning, 45 for Best Budding Cartoonist Award and 35 for Best Foreign Cartoon Award. We are organizing 100th cartoon exhibition at cartoon gallery in June 2014. The Cash Prizes will be given away to the winners of the competition on the same occasion.

Awards for Excellence in Political Cartooning- 2013:

1st prize - Rs.25,000

Mr. Tanmay Tyagi, Tehlka. New Delhi

2nd prize - Rs.15,000

Mr. Manoj Chopra, Panjab Kesari, Jammu [Tawi]

3rd prize - Rs.5,000

Mr. Alok Nirantar, Sakal Times, Pune

Special Jury appreciation prizes of Rs. 2,500:

Mr. Biswajith Balasubramanian, Chennai

Mr. Manas Maisnam, Imphal, Manipur

Best Foreign Cartoon-2013:

Prize - Rs.10,000

Mr. Valentin Georgeiv, Bulgaria

Certificates of Merit:

Mr. Jovan Prokopijevic, Serbia

Mr. Constantin Pavel, Romania

Mr. Oguz Gurel, Turkey

MKM Award for Best Budding Cartoonist – 2013:

Best Budding Award - Rs.10,000

Mr. Rohit Padma [22 yrs] Hyderabad

M.K.M.A. competition-2013 List of Foreign Participants
1.Bernard Bouton, France
2.Constantin Pavel, Romania
3.Chiorean Cornel-Marin, Romania
4.Eric Vander Wal, Holland
5.Jovan Prokopijevic, Serbia
7.Kaan Saatci, Turkey
8.Kazanevsky Vladimir, Ukrain
9.Luc Descheemaeker, Belgium
10.Makhmudjon Eshonkulov, Uzbekistan
11.Michal Graczyk, Poland
12.Milenko Kosanovkic, Serbia
13.Mileta Miloradivik, Serbia
14.Raed Khalil, Syria
15.Raul Fernando Zuleta, Colombia
16.Sherif Arafa, United Arab Emirates
17.Sokolov Sergey, Russia
18.Urmas Nemvalts, Estonia
19.Valentin Druzhinin, Russia
20.Waldez Duarte, Brazil
21.Alexandrov Valeri-Walex, Bulgaria
22.Eder Santos, Brazil
23.Reza Mokhtarjozani, Iran
24.Marian Avramescu, Romania
25.Petrisan, Romania
26.Slijo Husein, Bosnia & Herzegovina
27.Lupita Anjan, Indonesia
28.Oguz Gurel, Turkey
29.Oleg Loktyev, Ukrain
30.Valentin Georgeiv, Bulgaria
31.Resad Sultanovic, Bosnia & Herzegovina
32.Saeed Dadeghi, Iran
33.Jose sepi, Argentina
34.Wang da Peng, China
35.Mohammad Zahoor, Pakistan

Opinion of the Jury:
The entries were of high order. The foreign entries were outstanding in draftsmanship, ideas, composition. We felt Indian cartoonists do not have the same craftsmanship and can learn from many of the foreign entrants. But the competition has turned up really extraordinary entries. It was difficult to select a few for the awards. [Jury includes Mr. Girish Karnad, Noted playwright and actor, Mr. S.G.Vasudev well known artist and Mr. B.G.Gujjarappa, senior cartoonist.]

Download Here - Results of the Maya Kamath Memorial Awards Competition-2013

Results of Maya Kamath Memorial Awards Competition-2012

"Bangalore- Swinging in the 70s" an exhibition by Bangalore cartoonist Mr. Paul Fernandes on 22nd March to 8th April 2014.

Indian Institute of Cartoonists presents, An exhibition of cartoons By Narendra V. G.

Download Here PDF Version

Cartoon contest on the topic 'Breaking the Taboo on Sanitation' organised by Sustainable Sanitation Alliance on World Water Day, 22nd March 2014 at New Delhi.

1st prize - Yogish Shettigar, Hyderabad

2nd prize - Shaunak Samvatsar

3rd prize - Kushal Bhattacharya

4th prize - Satyanaranan Govind (aka Chari)

5th prize - B V Panduranga Rao

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An Exhibition of Comics by PRAN From 8th to 22nd February 2014.

Download Here PDF Version

Cartoon Exhibition of Hemant Morparia - 18th January 2014 to 1st February 2014

PDF Version Invitation Download Here

PDF Version Cartoons Download Here

Caricature exhibition of Sai Swaroop - 28th December 2013 to 11, January 2014

MUSIC SKETCHES By Keshav - 07 to 21, December 2013

PDF Version Download Here

The participants of the Foundation Cartoon Workshop drawing a cartoon on 27th October at the Cartoon Gallery.

The faculty members with the participants of the Foundation Cartoon Workshop dated 14th and 15th September 2013.

The Results of the Session XIII International Cartoon Contest "Independence" Theme: "The Knight’s move"

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33 cartoonists from 39 countries submitted 497 works. 100 selected works presented in this catalog.

Ramadhyani's Cartoon Exhibition on 27th July 2013 to 10th August 2013

Prashant Kulkarni'S Cartoon Exhibition - 06-07-2013 to 20-07-2013

PDF Version Download Here

Uday Vitla'S Cartoon Exhibition - 08-05-2013 to 31-05-2013

Invitation Details Download Here

Uday Vitla Profile Download Here

Impressions & expressions
A cartoon exhibition by Parjanya Sau (Mijo)

IIC is organising an exhibition of cartoons by Parjanya Sau (Mijo), from 6th to 20 April 2013 at cartoon gallery.

B.V.Sathyamurthy'S Cartoon Exhibition - 09-03-2013 to 23-03-2013

For More - Download Here

IIC is organising an exhibition of cartoons by Sri B.V.Sathyamurthy, Doyen of cartooning in Andhra Pradesh from 9th to 23 March 2013 at cartoon gallery.

Suresh Sawant'S Cartoon Exhibition - 16-02-2013 to 02-03-2013

IIC is organising an exhibition of works by noted cartoonist from Mumbai, Sri Suresh Sawant from 16-02-2013 to 02-03-2013 at cartoon gallery.

MARIO'S KARNATAKA - Cartoon Exhibition 19-01-2013 to 09-02-2013

MARIO'S KARNATAKA an exhibition of Mario's illustrations was inaugurated on 19-01-2013 in presence of Mrs. Habeeba Miranda.



For the List of Exhibitions at the Indian Cartoon Gallery Click here

Workshop Photograph

The faculty members and the participants of the Foundation Cartoon Workshop conducted at Cartoon Gallery on 5th & 6th January 2013. OUR NEXT FONDATION CARTOON WORKSHOP WILL BE ON 2nd & 3rd MARCH. INTERESTED CAN CONTACT US ON

All this requires enormous funds, perseverance and above all the goodwill and co-operation of the masses. It is no mean task to garner resources, in the form of people and money, to work towards this goal. We request Philanthropists, Corporates, Bankers, Industrialists, Businessman and Media Magnates to open their hearts and purses to further this cause. Spread the word around, the noble cause would surely do with large dose of media publicity. Be a part of movement. Any donation, sponsorship or membership in whatever measure is outmost welcome. We assure you that it is no mere charity; it is an involvement and investment that will stand in good stead for our children, their future and their freedom of expression. It is small tribute to the people who with their pen pepper the paper daily in an indomitable spirit of humour. A tribute to the people who put thought into our minds even as they put a smile onto our faces.

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