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Indian Institute of Cartoonists is an organization, first of its kind in India, established with the aim of promoting the art of cartooning in the country. The Institute, based in Bangalore, aims to recognize talents in the field of cartooning and reward them, showcase and preserve their art for future generations, guide young and budding cartoonists and above all, popularize the art among the masses.

Perhaps IIC is the only organization in the field of cartooning worldwide having so many activities under one umbrella.



Aims & Objective





Organization of Cartoon gallery ever month

Indian Institute of Cartoonists organizes cartoon gallery of various cartoonists every month

Cartoon Workshops

Two Cartoon Workshop was held in the year 2010. One in association with British Council Library on world environment. The other workshop was intended to give budding cartoonists an insight in the art of drawing cartoons and caricatures which was conducted by eminent cartoonists.

Eminent Cartoonists Felicitated at a gala event- 18th to 20th may 2009.

Indian Institute of Cartoonists bestows Lifetime Achievement Awards to seven leading cartoonists of India
Life Time Achievement Awardees in the field of cartooning were felicitated today at a gala ceremony held by the Institute of Cartoonists at the Chancery,

Maya Kamath Memorial Awards - Cartoon Competition & Results

Indian Institute of Cartoonists has held National Political Cartoon Competition for the Maya Kamath Memorial Awards for Excellence in Cartooning since 2009 every year in fond memory of Late. Maya Kamath

Cartoon Exhibitions of noted cartoonists

Inaguration of Exhibitions of Sri Ranjan Somaiah, Late Sri Ranga, Sri Vikas Gupta & Sri S.K.Nadig.

Cartoon Gallery Inagurated - 14th August 2007

Mario Mirandas and R.K.Laxmans in the making can now rub shoulders with the whos who of cartooning in Bangalore. For, the city now houses India’s first cartoon gallery. On Thursday, Governor T.N.Chaturvedi inaugurated the Indian Cartoon Gallery.

Exhibition - "The Challenge to the Freedom of the Press"

Bangalore University Vice-Chancellor M. Thimmappa on Thursday admires a cartoon of Jayalalithaa at an exhibition on 'The Challenge to the Freedom of the Press', organized by the Indian Institute of Cartoonists.

R. K. Laxman Felicitated - 14th February 2002

R. K. Laxman the veteran cartoonist was felicitated by the chief minister S. M. Krishna for his lifetime achievement in the field of cartooning on Thursday here.speaking at a felicitation function organized by the Indian Institute of Cartoonists, in collaboration with the state information department, Mr. Krishna said that R. K. Laxman is known wherever the English language is read and understood.

Inauguration of Indian Institute of Cartoonists - 8th & 9th June 2001.

Governor V.S. Rama Devi inaugurated the Indian Institute of Cartoonists on Friday. The Institute was established in collaboration with the state information department with the aim of formulating a forum for all Indian Cartoonists. Speaking on the occasion, Ms.Rama Devi said,


All this requires enormous funds, perseverance and above all the goodwill and co-operation of the masses. It is no mean task to garner resources, in the form of people and money, to work towards this goal. We request Philanthropists, Corporate, Bankers, Industrialists, Businessman and Media Magnates to open their hearts and purses to further this cause. Spread the word around, the noble cause would surely do with large dose of media publicity. Be a part of movement. Any donation, sponsorship or membership in whatever measure is outmost welcome. We assure you that it is no mere charity; it is an involvement and investment that will stand in good stead for our children, their future and their freedom of expression. It is small tribute to the people who with their pen pepper the paper daily in an indomitable spirit of humour. A tribute to the people who put thought into our minds even as they put a smile onto our faces.

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